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What are we doing at Swatas?

We are working to create farming-based learning space for children and adults alike. We are situated on a farm-land, of nearly 3 acres, 10 kilometers from Yelwala at Dadada Kallalli, off the Mysore-Madikeri highway, near Gomatagiri.
Major domains of learning envisaged at Swatas

– Farming: We, adults, do real-time farming activities with children. Farming will be our routine activity. Children are given space to grow vegetables etc. on their own. Team will completely be involved in farming throughout the year. 

– Academic pursuits: We plan to create a learning atmosphere which is conducive to the child/adult to learn naturally. The child will be exposed to two languages (Kannada and English, with equal emphasis on both), basic Mathematical skills and thinking, a scientific outlook on things, social behaviour and perspectives. Children in the age group from 6 to 15 years (Grade 1 to Grade 10, in academic terms) can be part of our learning space. Apart from these, the child will also be exposed to other human activities based on context and demand.

– Sports: Based on the needs of children and adults working at Swatas, sporting activities are going to be designed.  As of now we envisage to provide space for Football, Frisby, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Swimming etc. We whole-heartedly welcome parents’ participation since playing together can strengthen our relationship.

– Pottery: We are planning to set up a pottery wheel, and a baking kiln. We take guidance from an experienced potter who will visit us frequently. This space will provide ample scope for making mistakes and learning on our own.

– Masonry: We are, at present, in the process of constructing mud structures with naturally available low-cost materials. Team will be engaged in this process of construction. It is hoped that this provide enough opportunity for child/adult to learn basic aspects of masonry.

– Arts

– Music

Creating newer domains of learning depend on children’s interests and parental cooperation.